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Health insurance is needed in order to begin the residence permit process. Once the student pays the corresponding fee of the health insurance (differs according to age), we will take care of the necessary steps that follow in order to complete the health insurance procedure. Is it neccessery For What? Due to new immigration regulations of the Foreign Affairs Department, health insurance is mandatory in order to apply for residence permit inTurkey. STUcenter.com will assist you in acquiring Health Insurance at a special discounted price from Insurance Companies.
Travel health insurance, is a private insurance type which protects individual travelling inland, abroad or from abroad to our country against health risks that they may encounter during their journey. Insurer provides guarantees specified in the policy in consequence of affection not depending on an accident happened between expiry dates of the policy or an already existed situation during journey, on the condition of not occurring out of planned travel duration.
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Foreign health insurance is only required for residence permit or residence permit. During your stay in Turkey to cover sudden illness and accident situations to take out travel insurance DOMESTIC be helpful to you.
You do not have to pay more in hospitals if you have a policy that will be valid in an emergency or in an accident.
If you are a foreign student must obtain health insurance each year for you to reside Turkey. You have to be renewed for 3 years.
Health expenditures within the period of insurance coverage of the insured and / or the insured / sick and / or accidentally diagnosed health care institutions specially designated for this product, provided that they are stated in the policy; according to the General Health Insurance General Conditions, the Special Health Insurance Regulation, and the special conditions set forth in the policy to which the insurance is subject, according to the insurance policy prepared in accordance with the implementing principles of the health institutions, subject to coverage, limit, payment percentage and exception.
The policy covers the minimum coverage set out in the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be made in Residence Requests No. 9 dated 06.06.2014.
Inpatient treatment in unconstitutional institutions is unlimited and company participation rate is 100%. The outpatient treatment limit is 2,000 TL. Company participation rate is 60%.
Outpatient fees paid to physicians and / or health institutions who are allowed to open private practice in outpatient care are covered by the limit, practices and exemptions stated in the policy. Expenses related to the diagnostic methods that the doctor himself / herself made during the examination during the examination are evaluated within the scope of the doctor's examination. In connection with the initial examination, the same doctor does not cover the wards for examinations made until the 10th day.
Inpatient treatment consist of surgery and internal hospitalization, intensive care, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, small intervention, coronary angiography expenses. Standard single room, private dining room and one companion are covered in this deposit.
Outpatient treatment; (Excluding cardiac and cerebral angiographies), MR angiography, radiographic examinations, nuclear medicine and algae (except cardiac and cerebral angiography), laboratory tests for diagnosis, consumables, laboratory tests for diagnosis, all endoscopic applications required by doctors applications; (serum, gypsum, dressing, abscess drainage, etc.) up to 150 per month in the TTB minimum wage, regardless of the size of the patient, regardless of the size of the patient, application.

If you continue your residence, you must renew your insurance every year.

Insurance prices do not differ according to sex, price varies according to age range.
Policy The minimum guarantee structure specified in the Circular on the private health insurances to be made in the residence permit requests dated 06.06.2014 and No. 9 is in line with the same guarantees for children and adults.

Foreign health insurance is an individual insurance. You also need to have foreign health insurance for your child.

Pregnancy, birth and baby expenses are not covered by foreign health insurance.


The insured's life insurance activities include physical activities in the inpatient / outpatient clinic and the loss of life activities such as neurological diseases, severe trauma, hand-arm-leg amputation and any surgical intervention (such as walking, eating, drinking, all expenses related to the rehabilitation given to him in order to be able to regain his / her ability to return to the hospital, the treatment, the treatment and the acceptance of this condition by the Insurance Company, within the limit, practice and exemption stated in the policy. Rehabilitations made outside of intensive care are evaluated within the scope of physical therapy support. It is limited to 10 sessions per year. The disability is assessed by standing or inpatient treatment according to the shape.

All expenses related to examinations, examinations, treatments and their complications for dental, gingival, jawbone, jaw joint and oral jaw surgery are outside the scope. However, in the event of a traffic accident occurring in the course of the policy, only traffic accidents and traffic jam reports and judicial reports shall be met in case of the occurrence of traffic accidents. Treatment should be done within 90 days following the accident. This guarantee is TL 1,000,00 per year. and there is a contribution share of 20% insured.

On outpatient treatments, the drug expenditures of the pharmaceutical (medicine type) products, which are written on the prescription issued by the doctor after the examination and are only obtained from the Ministry of Health, are covered by the limit, application and exemption written in the policy.

Encountering illnesses or accidents in unexpected situations may require a substantial financial expense. A number of laboratory analyzes, hospital and doctor's fees, medicines and similar care and treatment costs, can be avoided. For this reason, obtaining a foreign health insurance policy will provide considerable support in terms of meeting such expenditures.

Foreign health insurance is valid in Turkey, does not apply abroad. Travel health insurance can also be arranged in a special way for the insured who plan to travel abroad.

The size, weight, residence address, telephone number, tax number or foreign TC number or passport information of the person to be insured are the required information.

The cancellation of the policies issued pursuant to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection will be carried out according to the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be made on the demand for residence permit dated 06.06.2014 and the following conditions must be fulfilled in order for the insurance to be terminated upon request.

· In the submission of a new private health insurance contract covering the period of residence permit to the company,

· Cancellation of residence permit (together with official letter from the security)

· In the submission of the document indicating that it is included in the scope of General Health Insurance in accordance with the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law numbered 5510

Otherwise the policy can not be canceled.

The cancellation of the policies issued pursuant to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection will be carried out according to the Circular on Private Health Insurances to be made on the demand for residence permit dated 06.06.2014 and the following conditions must be fulfilled in order for the insurance to be terminated upon request.

· Residence permits to companies of a new private health insurance contract covering the duration of sight,
· the cancellation of the residence permit (with an official letter from the police)
· 5510 Social Insurance and General Health indicates that the Insurance Law in accordance with the General Health Insurance shall be included in the document sight
Otherwise policy irrevocable.
The insurer has the right to demand the cancellation of the health contract from the insurer. In order to be able to cancel, the cancellation declaration issued by the insurer and having the signature and the current date must be delivered to the insurer.
If the cancellation request is due within the year of the contract, the transaction will be done on the day basis in accordance with the above mentioned rules.
In the event of detection of malicious acts, such as the use of collateral by uninsured persons or the issuance of health leave certificates by insurance holders under the family in the name of other insured under the policy, the Insurer has the right to withdraw the health leave payments under the coverage and to cancel the policy without premium.

If the insured person and the insured claim the cancellation within the first thirty days from the date of the contract issuance, and if no compensation is paid to the insured or his / her name during that period, the premiums paid will be returned uninterrupted within five working days. The cancellation made on the following days will be returned within the same period according to the special conditions of the premium contract that the company does not deserve.

In the event that the insured person is insured, the premium insurer is not entitled to the premium and if the insured person is insured at the same time, the insured person is returned to their legal heirs according to the special conditions of the contract. In case the insured dies while receiving treatment, expenses incurred during the treatment period are paid to the health service provider or his legal heirs within the coverage and conditions of the contract.

You can make your payment by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Someone else can make your insurance with the necessary information.

You can pick up your policy at our office or at your address by cargo.

If you have lost your insurance policy, you should call us at +90 545 245 3315. We may contact you by e-mail or cargo. There is also no charge for this process.

We prepare the "Health Insurance for Foreigners" which foreign residents need to make, with very appropriate premiums and wide guarantees in line with the demands of the Police Department. These policies, which are issued for citizens of foreign countries who will receive a residence permit, are also a comprehensive health insurance and are available in a wide range of contracted health care institutions, with unlimited inpatient treatments and a limit of 2000 TL in outpatient treatments. The policy lasts for a year. People in the age range of 0-70 can be covered by the policy under the Health Insurance for Foreigners.

The answers to the questions above are composed of our comments made for your help and do not put our company under commitment or any binding qualities.

The policy period for foreign nationals to be made for residence is one year.
You need to get health insurance for foreigners to obtain a work permit in Turkey. Otherwise safety will not be allowed.
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