About us

It is a project which has started in 2012 and been put into practice as an initiative in 2016 in line with the demands and needs of students. At the same time, it adapts the virtual reality model to this system and offers the world's first and newest student house booking system, from anywhere in the world. It is a web-site where students can find accommodation solutions for their budget by saving the time and money on a reliable digital platform. STUcenter.com, which offers different preferences such as dormitories, home-shared rooms and hotels, has always aimed to stand by the students at the national and international level. STUcenter.com has become an institution that aims to fill the gaps between the university and student needs with from the services provided in 2013-2017. It primarily operates in matters such as university enrollment procedures, residence permits, health insurances, sightseeing and organizations. In short, STUcenter.com “listens and understands the need of students and offer solutions".

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